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ISLAM is an arabic word not translated when brought into English. If we look it up in an Arabic dictionary, it takes a series of words to represent the concept of the word. “Surrender, Submission, Obedience, Sincerity and Peace.” We understand – Surrender, to give in; Submit, to go along with; Obey the commandments….. then to be Sincere… Since Islam requires sincerity, it can’t be forced on anyone. If anyone is forced to do anything, it’s not longer sincere. So the concept of Islam being spread by the sword or by force is impossible, since it requires sincerity. Then the word PEACE.. it’s the peace the person has in their heart after they have done the other four. Meaning they have surrendered, submitted, have an obedience and sincerity, and now they will be in peace…. As for the word Arabic the ‘MU’ is placed in the front to indicate the one performing the action.. As in English we use ‘ER’.. for example, walkER, talkER, swimmER, thinkER…. In Muslim, the MU is in front… someone who does ISLAM is a MU-Islam… MUSLIM…..

Muslims say Allah because ALLAH doesn’t exactly translate into English as GOD…. In english “God” only has one form.. GOD.. In Arabic the word GOD comes from ilah… ilah is anything worshipped… it can be a stick, a stone, things that someone makes, statues, charms, it can be the stars, the moon, money, their degrees, their position.. All of these things are ilaha.. gods…. In English there isn’t a proper noun so they just capitalize the G… and say this is the proper noun… God…. In Arabic, ilah becomes Allah.. it doesn’t just mean ‘the god’, that would be Al-ilah… but Allah is the actual name of the one and only god..and there are no capital letters in arabic… Allah – is the one and only to be worshipped.. Arab Christians and Arab Jews also use the same word.. View an Arabic Bible and you’ll see the word Allah used… In English the word GOD can also be multiplied (gods), be made male or female (god – goddess), another use (godfather – godmother)… Allah can’t be multiplied, is neither male or female and is the one true creator and only one to worship.

Le illahi ill allah.. the is no god but allah…

Prophet Muhammad is a direct descendant from Abraham by his son Ishmael. There are other prophets that came down the other branch of Abraham by his son Isaac. Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus. Peace be on them all. Moses, David, Jesus, Solomon and Muhammad all had in common was the message that they brought to their people. Abraham told the people to worship god directly and not to be involved in false worship or pagan worship. Moses is clear, the first commandment – not to worship anything or have any other gods but the one true god. Le ilehi ill allah. There is no god but Allah. That’s the way god ordered Moses to write it down. David and the Pslams were identical teachings to Moses. Jesus also taught the same message. The different opinions in today’s bible aren’t from Jesus, they’re from Paul (READ!). Jesus says “Think not that I came to destroy the law, or the Prophets, I came not to destroy but to fulfill” Matthew 5:17 …. He came to uphold the message of Moses, of Abraham and those before him….. When he was asked what is the number one commandment, Jesus replied “The Lord our God is one Lord, and though shall love the lord thy god with all thy heart and all thy soul, and with all thy mind and with all thy strength.” Mark 12:29-30 That is also what Muhammad was trying to tell his people. Spread the message to worship only the one true god. Le illehi ill allah. There is no god but Allah. Moses, Jesus and Muhammad are messengers of god. Same as Abraham, David, Solomon and many others.. Peace be on them all….

The QUR’AN teaches that those who believe in Qur’an also believe what was sent by god before. Qur’an tells us about the Torah (old testament to Christians), sent to Moses, the Gospel – sent to Jesus, Psalms – Sent to David. Qur’an in English means ‘RECITATION.’ The prophet recited it exactly as he heard it from Angel Gabriel. He was illiterate – didn’t know how to read or write. They all came from the same god, Allah. All had the same message. To put our beliefs into practice. Humans all ask, why am I here? What is my purpose? What’s the purpose of life? Allah has shown us from the time of Adam to right now, what he wants from us. Worship is for him alone, without any partners. This life is a test from the almighty god, that’s why we’re born and we die. There has to be a beginning and an end. The next life, there is no more death. Whether they are in good shape or bad shape, depends on how well they do on this test.

Satan is not an Angel. Before humans were created, and before Adam… God created another group called the JINN. Jinn have free-will. Angels don’t have free-will. Angels were created only to what god instructed them to do. Jinn, on the other hand, are able to choose just like us humans. The same way we can’t see the angels around us, we can’t see Jinn either, but they can see us. Humans were made from earth. Angels made from light. Jinn made from smokeless fire. Iblis (satan), is one of the Jinn. After god had created adam and ordered them to bow down to adam, iblis refused. It was his arrogance that ruined him. He told Allah, you made him from clay, you made me from fire, why should I bow down to him?….. Satan had the choice to disobey god and he did because of his pride and arrogance. Now he wants to turn all human beings to disobey god. Then comes Adam and Eve together and Satan tempting them.. We all know about Adam and Eve eating the apple. In the Qur’an its a little different. Both Adam and Eve repented. No one is blaming Eve for tempting Adam. No one is blaming all women after Eve for the sins of Eve. There isn’t extra guilt put on the woman, Eve. Babies are not born with original sin. Babies are born innocent. Again this life is a test. The devil tempts us. Notice how both Adam and Satan disobeyed god. Why is one going to hell and not the other? The difference… Adam and Eve repented… They asked for forgiveness. Make the correct choice between right and wrong.. and notice, that simply believing in god isn’t enough.. Satan believes in god…

In this test of life people lose their health, their wealth, their family. In the Bible there’s the story of JOB, in Qur’an – arabic – His name is Aiyub, He lost everything. He had serious tests in this life. Of course, he was tempted. Someone even told him ‘Just curse god and die’…. but he continued to trust and be patient.. This is where the saying ‘the patience of job’ comes from.. To teach us, this great prophet trusted and persevered and he came out in a much better place.. We also have Jonah in the Bible – Yunus in Qur’an.. This is a good example about blaming other people. Of course, from Adam and Eve they could have blamed each other, blamed Satan, but they didn’t they took responsibility and repented. So we come to Jonah and the whale.. Jonah went out to sea in a boat..storm came up and he got thrown overboard and swallowed by a whale. According to the bible he was there 3 days and 3 nights and came out but it doesn’t tell us the lesson. In Qur’an he repented and blamed himself for his problems. At first he blamed the people where he lived because they wouldn’t accept his message and that’s why he hopped on a boat and left. Now he realized that it was his own fault and said “Glory be to you Allah! Indeed I have wronged myself” Quran 21:87.. Be patient, dont’ blame anyone else.. Ask for forgiveness…

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