Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, Peace, Blessings, and the Mercy of Allah be upon you all.

“How do you prove there’s a God?”

How do you prove there’s God? Why don’t we just accept that everything came from the Big Bang and be done with it, Instead of coming up with this ‘Creation’ business? What would happen if I take a glass of water and I drop it outside on the sidewalk? well, it would fall to the ground and shatter.. What if I take another glass of water and try again… Same thing, it will always shatter… When you talk about something just blowing up, like a MASS that just blew up and everything came out of it, a Big Bang and everything just blew up… We know full well about things blowing up, it’s never beautiful.. It’s always just random chaos.. Like the random shatter of the glass on the sidewalk.. Order doesn’t come from chaos… never… it doesn’t happen that way.. What if a tornado went through a junk yard and picked up a bunch of cars, refrigerators, stoves and then just plopped them all down and made a brand new mercedes with the motor running.. Would you accept that? You’d say it’s crazy.. yet when you look at the universe, what do you see? You see these spheres going in an elliptical orbit, planets in orbit around the sun, the moons in orbit around the planets.. How is that? Is it possible that this kind of order came from an explosion without any design or plan whatsoever? When you look in a microscope, even there you see these round orbs… And the theory of the Atom is the same thing, you have a proton, electron, and these are spheres in orbits around other spheres.. So what you see in a Telescope, you also see in a Microscope.. And who designed this? And a molecule of protein couldn’t be produced by accident if you took all the elements in the universe and slammed them together for billions and billions of times they would never produce Protein, and protein is the essence of life… We know that all life came out of Water.. that’s what it says in the Qur’an – 1400 years ago..

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