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Who Made You?

Right now, you’re probably sitting in a room… look around… Everything around you.. Your chair. Your desk. Your television. Your clothes. The very room itself. The house this room is in. Everything that you see is a created object. Everything that we see has been made. You see a painting; you know that there’s a painter. You see a sculpture; you know that there’s a sculptor. You see a table; you know there’s a carpenter. Everything in our experience is made. And yet, when we look at creation and the perfection of creation, some people just say… ‘Well… the Big Bang Theory…’ or they say.. ‘oh, evolution’….
Ok, the Big Bang and Evolution.. let’s take a look at both of these…
The Big Bang Theory is that all the matter in the universe coalesced into a hyper-dense core. Which then in an explosion of energy and matter burst apart and spread into what has become the known universe. So that’s the origin of the universe..
ok now… Couple of questions. Where did all the matter and energy that coalesced, come from to begin with? This might explain the design of why the universe isw in the shape it’s in.. why its expanding.. why the stars are there.. but it doesn’t explain where all this matter and energy came from to begin with. It doesn’t dismiss the possibility of a creator. Lets say the Big Bang Happened.. Ok, a fire cracker explodes but who sets it off? Yes, the big bang may be responsible for the universe as we know it but who organized that series of events? some people will say nothing or chance events.. others will see the sense in this and say ‘oh yeah sure, it makes sense that this event was organized.. When you look at how this universe is organized.. the perfection, the balance,, to say this is just a random event means that you just dont’ know the universe. You haven’t studied the complexities of the universe. This planet, if it was the smallest distance closer to the sun would be uninhabitable because it’d be so hot.. the smallest distance away and it’d be an ice ball.. the spin on this planet creates a gravity which is a perfect balance to keep us on the surface… a little more or less we wouldn’t exist.. .You have study the universe to understand it’s complexities.. Again, who organized that series of events?
Now, about evolution and coming from monkeys.
Again, when we ask, ‘who made us?’.. The answer comes in two parts.. ‘The Big Bang’ and ‘Evolution.’
There are a number of answers to that.. of course, one is that Darwin himself even began to question evolution toward the end of his life and for good reason.. For example, let’s say I’m an ophthalmologist. I work on the eye. My specialty, ophthalmology, is divided into different specialties. We have people that specialize in the cornea, glaucoma, UVitis, retina, refractive surgery, cancer of the eye, etc,e tc. This is a very small organ, but it’s highly complex. So much so that it’s specialty is divided into multiple sub-specialties. When Darwin started studying the eye, he started questioning evolution. and the reason why was because the eye is such a complex structure that it can’t work without all it’s elements working together. Meaning, if there’s any problem with the iris, the lens, the retina, the optic nerve, etc. All of these elements would have had to have evolved at exactly the same time in perfect coordination to give rise to this structure and he couldn’t conceive of that having happened. Many scientists can’t. But the real answer is similar to the one about the big bang.. As Muslims we have no problem with the big bang, we just understand that it was under the design of our creator. At the same time, we have no problem with evolution, meaning the process of natural selection. animals and human beings adapt to their circumstances. The difference between the Islamic view and what you’re taught in the classroom is that we don’t believe humans evolved from Monkeys. The animal kingdom, with it’s difference species may have gone through evolution. Of course, we have no problem with that. dinosaurs walked the earth. Birds were seven feet high. The different species changed over time according to their circumstances. Again, this is all within the design of Our Creator. And this is a concept that has recently become popularized in Science as ‘Intelligent Design.’ Because many scientists are speaking out against The concept of evolution saying that these systems are too complex to have evolved. It could have only been the result of Intelligent Design. And who is that Designer?

— Notes from lectures by Dr. Brown

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