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Who is…. Nisaar Nadiadwala


By Dr. Farhat bint Zafar

199692_475924335791602_1717906358_nThere are two Nadiadwalas who are popular in the Indian subcontinent. Sajid Nadiadwala, the famous Bollywood producer and Nisaar Nadiadwala, the icon in public speaking and Da’wah.

Nisaar Nadiadwala, a name that has been in the field of Dawah and Islah for 20 years. He is a well-known public speaker on Islam and social systems. He is a multi-talented personality who has excelled as a public speaker, debater, trainer, writer, author and counsellor. He has worked in the high profile Research Department at the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) as an Executive and then Head of the Department from 2001 to 2013. He used to tactfully handle the open question and answer session at IRF held every Sunday.

Promoting the Deen as a writer

Nadiadwala has made a benchmark on facebook with his regularly posted articles to create awareness in the Muslim community and to inspire them to do good. He has written 500+ articles, having a readership of more than 20 thousand people on Facebook. His topics vary from social issues, current events, youth glitches, parenting advice and dawah education. His main target are the youth drowned in the sea of their problems and deceitful fantasies. He awakens them to the world of reality and offers solutions from an Islamic perspective. Few of his titles include, “Hit him hard man! The cult of violence”, “Which way your child inclines to? Real achievers or fake?”, “How the Cinderellas of today are deluded by the myth of Prince charming”, “When you marry: hopes and scopes…” and the list is a long one.

Breaking the shackles of society as an Author

Nadiadwala has published two books, “I want to marry, but-” and “The modest Muslimah”. Both books were appreciated by the readers as eye-opening, inspiring and entertaining through his classy writing and sensational punchlines.

Note this sentence from Nisaar Nadiadwala’s second book; ‘Among the most rotten things that the Muslims have picked up from the dust bin of the western civilization is the concept of “delayed marriages”’. Nadiadwala writes like an artist painting his sentences with beautiful words, “Love is not boiling water that can evaporate after certain temperature but it is a strong plinth…”.

He will soon be launching his third book, “Da’wah workouts”, a book to inspire as well as discipline young aspiring Da’ees in the form of literary Tarbiyah. Nadiadwala writes, “Da’wah is not only talking big about Islam, but also doing small good things in a big way.” He advices his readers on the importance of reading books as he writes, “Books with rich content make your personality richer. People don’t see how simple you look but how rich you think”.

Nisaar Nadiadwala has 8 more titles on his table, which he will be launching one after the other for the benefit of his readers, Insha’allah.

An eloquent Speaker

Nisaar Nadiadwala is a well-known public speaker on Islam and interfaith dialogues for over 15 years. An ex-senior speaker of IRF Mumbai, he has delivered more than 200 talks in English, Urdu and Hindi on various topics. This includes Jumuah khutbahs as well as the speeches at International venues and Universities. He has given talks in India, Tanzania, Dubai and Malaysia as well. His lively sessions are a source of motivation for many young Muslims. Few of his topics include, “Characteristics of a Da’ee”, “Hazards of conventional economic system”, “Media: Handle it with care”, among others.

An effecient trainer

After participating in the Dawah Training Program in 1998 which was conducted by Dr. Zakir Naik personally, Nadiadwala participated in every Da’wah Training Program as one of the main faculty. The participants of these Da’wah Training Programs included management professionals, medical doctors, engineers as well as graduates and post graduates from the Islamic University of Madinah.

Being an experienced trainer in Islamic public speaking, Nadiadwala also holds expertise in training Muslim youth in participating in interfaith dialogues. He takes special interest in the grooming of youth through his workshops. He has conducted his workshops in various parts of India as well as abroad. His recent workshops include, “Beyond education”, “Brain capital: Invest your intelligence”, “Tell well: Master your communication skills”. He also conducts a webinar every week to train his students online, joining him from different parts of the world.

He is the head of the Trainer’s Gallery, an institute to bring out the best talents in communication skills among the Muslim youth. Through the Trainer’s Gallery, he trains his students in public speaking, panel discussions and anchoring Islamic radio and TV programs.

He works tirelessly promoting goodness in the society

Nadiadwala says, “Da’wah is a humble effort to promote those values which make a human a true human being. Da’wah is to change the society”. He also advices the aspirant young da’ees in his upcoming book, “It is not important how many people you have reverted to Islam, rather how much effort you have made to put across your arguments in favor of Islam”. Following his principle, Nisaar Nadiadwala works tirelessly to promote goodness in the society through his talks, articles, books and workshops…as a speaker, writer and trainer.

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4 Comments on Who is…. Nisaar Nadiadwala

  1. I want to read article of nisar sir i get peace of mind and more motivated and love of allah mercy increase in my heart after reading his article.

  2. AlhamduLillaah! Had a chance to interact at length with Br. Nisaar recently on his visit to Kashmir. It was a great experience and his art of public speaking and his eagerness to discuss burning public issues (esp in the Muslim community)deserve appreciation. Allaah bless him!

  3. I am Abdul Rahman- a da’ee & an Engg. student…..Alhamdulillah.
    Yes, Nisar bhai ia an asset to our community….Alhamdulillah.
    As I am also a little trainer, I want to meet him to learn more…In Sha Allah.
    One of the other reasons why I want to get in touch with him is that I want him to train my students whom I teach da’wah.


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