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Print and Play Puzzle – Cryptogram – 03/03

Print and Play Puzzle – Cryptogram –
Solve the Secret Phrase. Each of the letters has a corresponding number. Each of the blanks has a number underneath it. Fill in the letters that correspond to the numbers below the blanks to solve the phrase. Letters “E” and “I” have been started for you.

ALLAAH’S SPEECH – Sahih Bukhari

Aboo Sa‘eed al-Khudree quoted Allaah’s Messenger (S.A.W) as saying: “Allaah will address the people of paradise, saying: ‘O People of Paradise!’ They will respond saying: ‘We hear Your call and sa‘dayka’. He will then say: ‘Are you pleased?’ They will reply: ‘Why shouldn’t we be pleased when You have given us what You haven’t given to any of Your creation?’ Allaah will then say: ‘I will give you something better than that’. They will ask: ‘And what could be better than this?’ Allaah will say:


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