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Muslim Roots of the American Slaves

By Sister Aisha Stacey of IslamReligion Most of the African slaves sent to North America came from West Africa. They were men, women and children captured and sold to slave traders, forced on to ships, and kept in appalling conditions for the long journey to the Americas. [1] It is thought by [...]

Handling Grief and Stress

Instances of suicide or self-killing have been known throughout recorded history.  It was known and discussed in the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations; it has been noted in the Jewish and Christian faiths and is mentioned in the classical Hindu books.  Suicide or hara kiri is part of the [...]

Salvation: Blood? or Mercy?

Sheikh Yusuf Estes answers a question, sent to him via Email, regarding Salvation. He responds, in detail, regarding Repentance, God’s Mercy, God’s love – or lack of it -for Creation and many other points regarding the quest for Salvation.   Question: Why don’t you Muslims believe [...]
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