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Lessons From the Story of Moses and Khidr (Part 2)

M uslims both love and respect Moses; God mentions him in the Quran more than 120 times.  His story is told across several chapters one of them being chapter 18 -The Cave.  It is here that the story of meeting between Prophet Moses and the wise, knowledgeable man known as Khidr can be found. This [...]

Lessons From the Story of Moses and Khidr (Part 1)

T he life of Prophet Moses.  It is a fascinating story filled with anecdotes and life lessons that are applicable today as they were in the time of Moses.  Briefly, in the final part of that series, the story of Moses and Khidr is retold, based on the original story told by Ibn Kathir in his [...]

Santa Claus

Some Christians object to him because he is secular rather than Christian; some non-Christians object to him because of his Christian roots. Jews do not even accept Jesus, peace be upon him, therefore why should they be expected to accept Santa? Muslims also object to the idea of Santa Claus, but [...]
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