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Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? by Yahiya Emerick Narrated by Me, Samara Gabriel (10 Minutes) Who is Jesus? Right click and ‘Save As’ to download or click to listen online. It’s a rather large file, so I suggest downloading for those with slower connections. [...]

Did God Become Man?

Did God Become Man? Audio book narrated by me (Samara Gabriel) with permission from the Author Dr. Bilal Philips (41 Minutes) Did God become part of His creation, did His creation become part of Allah. A great lecture beneficial for giving da’wah to many different religions Did God Become [...]

The True Religion of God

“The True Religion of God” Narrated by me (Samara Gabriel) with permission from the author Dr. Bilal Philiips (28 Minutes) A beautiful book for non-Muslims which takes a look at the criteria used to find the true religion of God. The True Religion of God Click to listen online or right [...]
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