Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, Peace, Blessings, and the Mercy of Allah be upon you all.



“khateeb” – or “khatib” –  is a person who delivers the sermon (khuṭbah) (literally “narration”), during the Friday prayer and Eid prayers – (Arabic خطيب khateeb) Background image credit: Vector Graphic by [...]

Bodies of the Prophets

Send blessings upon Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of God be upon him): Narrated Aws ibn Aws (may Allah be pleased with him): The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Among the most excellent of your days is Friday; on it Adam was created, on it he died, on it the last trumpet will be blown, [...]

Surat al-Kahf on Friday

Recite Surah Kahf (The Cave): “Whoever recites ‘The Cave’ on Friday, God will give him a light to the next Friday.” [Bayhaqi] Surah Kahf Reflection: Surah Kahf revolves around a very important theme: The Test of Life, and we can summarize the message of Surah Kahf as follows: Allah [...]
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