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Dr Bilal Philips

Question and Answer for Non-Muslims

Five Pillars of Islam Declaration of Faith Prayer Fasting Zakat Hajj Differences among brothers in humanity Dr. Bilal answers these questions and more with a lecture exclusively for [...]

The True Message of Jesus Christ

The True Message of Jesus (peace be upon him) As the title implies, that there is a false message out there. For us to determine what in fact is the true message, we must look at the evidences, the authentic and reliable evidences that can support any claim to be the True Message of Jesus [...]

Is There a True Religion?

Dr. Bilal Philips answers the question – Is there a True Religion? Are all religions the same? Does it really matter what I believe? as long as I sincerely believe it? Is there a problem if I’m sincerely wrong? Are all religions the same? Most religions claim that they alone are correct [...]
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