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Who is…. Nisaar Nadiadwala

THE OTHER NADIADWALA: NOT FROM BOLLYWOOD By Dr. Farhat bint Zafar There are two Nadiadwalas who are popular in the Indian subcontinent. Sajid Nadiadwala, the famous Bollywood producer and Nisaar Nadiadwala, the icon in public speaking and Da’wah. Nisaar Nadiadwala, a name that has been in the [...]

Who is.. Sheikh Yusuf Estes

(Background) Sheik Yusuf was raised in a strong Christian home, he was educated in Texas, became successful in music business, owning stores, TV shows and used his talents to promote faith in God, while doing some preaching from the Bible. In 1991 he tried to convert a Muslim from Egypt, but he [...]

Who is… Imam Karim Abu Zaid

About Imam Karim Abuzaid Imam Karim Abuzaid is the imam of Colorado Muslim Society (CMS). He is a PhD candidate in Islamic Studies with the American Open University of Alexandria, VA. His studies are concentrated in Fundamentals of Islam and Quranic and Hadith Sciences. Imam Karim is a Hafiz [...]
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