Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, Peace, Blessings, and the Mercy of Allah be upon you all.


An excellent website for searching through and reading Quran

Islam Religion
This website gives easily searchable, access to answers for a lot of questions about Islam. The live chat they provide is also very helpful.

KalamullahProbably our favorite site for books, lectures and other information.

Joshua Evans
Here Joshua Evans tells his story.

Dr. Maurice Baucaille
Telling his story on why he reverted to Islam.

Islamic Online University
Dr. Bilal Philips created IOU with the world’s first tuition-free, Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies in English completely online. It is an accredited school. This is seen as a major new step towards helping Muslims across the globe fulfill the Prophet’s command to seek knowledge of the religion and correct their understanding of its tenets. Many other completely FREE courses are available.
Also, Learn ARABIC free here 🙂

The Deen Show
The Deen Show is a Muslim film company that strives to provide the correct information about Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims alike from authentic sources which include The Quran and The Sunnah. They are not affiliated with any particular movement, sect, group, etc. They American Muslims in the United States to help educate and share the true message of Pure Islam without cultural, traditional or nationalistic prejudices and corruption. By watching the shows you will see that Islam is an open Book for all those who have an open heart and an open mind. You will start to understand Islam better and its views on Life. Many of the negative stereotype’s one might have or has had thru watching the Media and listening to Gossip now will tend to fade because you were smart enough to go to the source and check for yourself and now finally true Tolerance and understanding can be built and maybe even a new way of Life, “Deen”.

Guide US TV
Over 1,600 TV channels broadcast in the U.S. and Canada, right now – Millions are watching satellite and cable every day. But until now there has been nothing for representation of the monotheistic faith for millions of the Non-Christian believers in the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, living in America and Canada – the Muslims. Live and recorded Internet video streaming extends around the earth and offers alternate understandings for faith, in simple English for many homes on our planet. Guide US TV is now launched and broadcasting on satellite and on the web right now!

Islam Events
Who will be in your area? Yusuf Estes? Mutahhir Sabree? Find out here on the calendar at Islam Events. Also shows the calendar for classes and online lectures from Chat Islam

Chat Islam
Live lectures, questions and answers you can ask about Islam. Check the schedule at Islam Events.

Share Islam
A website leading to many other websites that can be relied on for authentic information

One Ummah TV
Live lectures, questions and answers by Yusha Evans

80 Percent Words
80% of the words in Quran are on this website.. A Surprisingly short list.. This is to test your ability to translate those words.

Arabic In English
Another website from Sheik Yusuf Estes to learn for FREE. Classes with live instructors, Downloadables.. And Even the option to purchase DVDs.. DVD PRICE? Whatever you can afford… you list your price..

Memorizing Quran
One website for keeping track and memorizing Quran

Mount Hira
A few chapters are available here.. It is a very good website.. The thing I like best about it is it separates Aya Al Kursi so it can be more easily memorized.

Tube Islam
AWESOME collection of videos.. I HIGHLY recommend viewing the Dawah videos from Yusha Evans and Bilal Philips that are available in this collection…


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